Micro-Vertical Applications

   Environmental Solution ES1 

Environmental solutions are an integral part of SAP Business One. This module, which manages accounting, human resources, fleet management, waste collection, and many other modules, all share the same workspace. The fact that the ES1 solution combines such varied issues as recycling, waste disposal, and other routine organizational management peripheral matters makes the ES1 module the most comprehensive solution in its field today. The Advanced Billing Wizard gives the option to create a variety of contract scenarios with clients; and includes definitions of fixed charges, billing rates, fixations, projections, and more. Through the wizard,



The TransportOne module provides a full solution environment for public and private transportation companies. The module gives the organization full control and management of resources in a user friendly, advanced, flexible, and unified platform of their work environment. The module regulates driver, vehicle, and accident management, licenses and visas, vehicle fleet control via GPS, and more.


A powerful financial solution unique to this field, requiring full multi-currency management.
MaritimeOne features multi-currency accounting management for clients and customers, ticketing systems, report statements and billing reminders.


RELS provides a full and encompassing software solution for furniture companies that integrates all the organization’s business processes. One aspect provides a smart register for retail stores using SAP Business One, and provides essential on-line data as well as management for CRM, manufacturing, contracting, customer service, alert systems, and hierarchal document approval.



The B2B system allows customers and salespeople to place orders 24/7 (without any user limit) through the website, via computer or tablet; wholly independent of any sales department and their working hours. Orders are placed by the customer on the website’s simple and user-friendly interface, and sign up on-line to SAP Business One using the Web-service. All done in a secure environment, with consideration for the clients’ budgetary needs. The system’s infrastructure is designed to allow flexibility in the data presented to the end user. The module features the ability to track customer order status, debt aging reports, and customer transactions.