As a company with 17 years of field experience, RELS recognizes the importance in providing the broadest spectrum possible of organization-wide solutions. We believe in your ability as valued clients to recognize quality and uncompromised professionalism. This is how we’ve always operated, and how we shall continue to do so. This is our belief – our way.


Advice and Sale of Software Products

Our Marketing Department is responsible for providing advice through analyzing requirements, determining needs, and by level of engagement- to adapt a solution tailored to the needs and scope of the customer. All this is accomplished expertly as a result of ample experience that targets the project’s success; with emphasis on the customer’s full partnership in the work, meeting deadlines and staying on budget.


Software Development and Supplementary ERP Systems Products

RELS offers a Software Development Department, software solutions, and advanced computing all within the SAP environment. We also provide comprehensive customer solutions by synergistically interfacing RELS’s software and products with SAP Business One software

Characterizing Project Management and Mentoring

We provide a professional team with over 14 years of experience in project management and implementation. Each project receives personal consideration, complemented by work plan / specifications draw-ups, Detailed Design; all within budgetary frameworks, costs, and schedules set by the client. The Department Manager is Mr. Moshe Shitrit, with 12 years of experience inadapting SAP-based solutions to clients in many various and diverse fields.

IT Services and Technology Application

This department adeptly manages client hardware consultation, accommodation, and services. Execution of system upgrades are handled with minimum disturbance to your organization’s continuous workflow. Owing to the department’s expertise in SAP Business One software, we provide expert consultation and execution in the installation of complex server systems, information security, and consultation in managing large and comprehensive computer infrastructures.